PreGel has always worked with the aim of achieving and offering only quality products on the market. By attentively looking after both the selection of raw materials as well as the entire manufacturing process, results of the highest quality are guaranteed.
The commitment towards research and the use of the most advanced technologies in both production plants and in research laboratories have enabled the company to gain the most respected and prestigious certifications.


certificazione BRC
certificazione BRC2

In 2011, PreGel attained the certifications of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and the IFS Food (International Featured Standard). Achieving compliance with these certifications authenticates PreGel’s level of competence and focus on QUALITY’ and FOOD SAFETY, guaranteed by a complete and correct application of HACCP. These tools demonstrate the company’s ability to achieve FOOD QUALITY and HEALTH COMPLIANCE with local regulations and client requisites. PreGel is proud to have renewed these prestigious certifications, obtaining the maximum score for both.


certificazione BIOLOGICA

In 2012, PreGel acquired the important organic certification, reflecting the company’s policy of sustainability. This organic production method carries out a double social function: it responds to consumer demands for organic products filling the needs of this specific market, and it provides public goods that contribute to environmental protection, animal welfare and rural development. PreGel organic products are made in compliance with the EC Regulation 834/2007, and is periodically verified by a certification body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture.


certificazione IGP

To endorse the quality of the local communities’ resources and to stay in line with its policies that aim for sustainable development, PreGel commends the Italian territory by adhering to the Protected Geographical Indication certification, otherwise known as IGP; which, as a result, PreGel effectuated the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut paste. The acronym IGP stands for a product originating from a region or a country which meets the prerequisites for identification and traceability, processing, packaging, and storage required by the procedural regulations, as verified by the organization designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, under Regulation EC 510/06.


certificazione HALAL ITALIA

PreGel has obtained the Halal certification for various gelato and pastry products. This certification allows people of the Muslim faith the ability to consume these products that are in compliance with the Halal Technical Specifications.


certificazione gluten free

PreGel has always been very attentive to the needs of its customers and consumers, for this reason PreGel works with perseverance year after year to expand its range of gluten-free products (with certified content less than 20ppm). Thanks to a rigorous Allergen Policy based on specific procedures for prevention of cross-contamination, stringent cleaning of production lines, constant training of all employees and strict controls at all levels, PreGel is now able to offer more than 400 references that are guaranteed to be Gluten-Free and are marked by a specific logo (photo); many of which are already mentioned in the Handbook of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC). PreGel’s commitment for the near future is to extend the range of products guaranteed Gluten-Free included in the AIC Handbook and to incorporate more powder products, thanks to new technologies and sophisticated equipment recently installed and specially designed to avoid the risk of contamination during the production process.


Certificazione D.O.P.
Liquirizia di Calabria - D.O.P.

In 2014, PreGel also decided to join the D.O.P. certification, making the product “Liquorice of Calabria D.O.P.” in powder and/or grain produced in accordance with the relevant specifications. The verification of compliance with the requirements is carried out by authorities and/or inspectors authorized by the EU Member States in accordance with the provisions of EC Reg. 1151/12 on the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural and food products.