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Halloween 2016: Discover All the Spooktacular Solutions for Your Store!

Are you ready for a ghastly  invasion of witches, ghosts, and little vampires into your store? Halloween night is almost here and year after year, people all over the world become increasingly  fascinated by this celebration, especially youngsters.

It’s time to become inspired by PreGel products and create ghoulishly themed gelato recipes, phantasmic pastry desserts, or cosmic cocktails for your night bar.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Halloween allows all gelato makers, pastry chefs, and bartenders to select from their available ingredients and create many imaginative recipes with original, attention-grabbing  decorations sure to be the distinguishing feature that will catch your customers’ eye.


Let’s begin with ghastly ideas for the artisan gelato shop.

Creating terrific images is easier than it looks. For example, you can add a bit of gore to your frozen treat and garnish cream flavors using Strawberry Extra Arabeschi® . The intense red color is enriched by many fruit pieces, making it a great Halloween dessert accessory. Otherwise, a red Topping sauce in flavors such as raspberry or cherry will allow you to decorate your frozen yogurt.

The Gelato Pop can be another gruesome solution and gift idea suitable for this celebration. Simply prepare Gelato pops, dip them in Coriandoline® White Chocolate, and then decorate with Coriandoline® Stick Dark Chocolate to conjure funny little ghosts that haunt your showcases.


No worries! Halloween invokes simple but catching ideas for pastry shops as well. Let’s start with macarons for example. These multi-colored French desserts are in high demand at artisan pastry shops all over the world, and they can be decorated in many different ways. Try making them in different pastel colors – white, green, and orange – and then garnish them with different funny drawings.

Preparing gluten free crunchy biscuits can be another good idea. You can make them using a variety of molds and complete them with various decorations including skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders! You have numerous combinations available.

For customers who enjoy  more traditional treats, prepare chocolate muffins and cupcakes filled with cherries! These delicious treats with little tricks are perfect for Halloween, especially when decorated with little sugar spider webs or sugar skulls for an intensely scary effect!


PreGel also provides sweet solutions for your night bar with Flavour Lounge. This product range will allow you to create festive Halloween drinks! We suggest scaring up a cocktail made with Fruit Lounge® Strawberry, sugar, lemon juice, and gin.

There are many gelato, pastry, and night bar combinations to offer. Create the one that suits you the best and prepare yourself for an enthusiastic invasion into your store!

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