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PreGel ITC: a successful recipe for the whole world!

A new season is about to begin in PreGel’s International Training Centers: full of classes, first-time trainings, new business solutions and fresh ideas that are tailor-made for specific markets.

But mostly, the new season will be full of people, both novice and experienced professionals, all bonded by a common goal: to make a successful business out of a great passion!

The International Training Centers (ITC) is this and much more. It is a vast  international  network that aims to offer an all-encompassing and exhaustive training, with diversified aspects depending on the geographic area.

But what does PreGel’s ITC offer exactly?

It offers a recipe, or better still, the recipe for your success, made of high teaching standards, innovative solutions, and nonstop research for new ideas.

In Italy, the International Training Centers is located in PreGel’s Reggio Emilia headquarters, and it offers a wide range of classes. All classes are in both Italian and English to allow even foreigners to come to the Italian food valley and live a wide-ranging experience in the homeland of artisan gelato.

Besides, the International Training Centers has premises in all the main PreGel subsidiaries in the world, and it offers training programs focused on the specific markets, so as to interpret the different local trends and customs.

Come to Sigep, Hall C5, from January, 21st to the 25th, to find out the 2017 Classes Calendar and all the new pastry & gelato courses of PreGel’s International Training Centers.