Thanks to years of experience in the field of Italian artisan gelato and the constant commitment by our Research and Development team, PreGel offers a wide range of gelato ingredients designed to meet all needs of artisan gelato shops.

PreGel’s Gelato Shop line includes a wide range of technologically advanced commercial ice cream mixes and gelato ingredients with different preparation modes, responding to both the needs of experienced gelato makers as well as the novice gelato chef. PreGel’s team of experts also provides support and assistance to ice cream shops, guaranteeing to accompany them in their daily work and contribute to their success.

Our goal is to give each gelato professional the possibility to craft artisan gelato of excellence in order to meet the needs of all ice cream lovers, from those that simply desire a delicious and tasty gelato, to the more health conscious that prefer their ice cream to be organic, gluten-free, enriched with milk cultures or sweetened with Stevia.